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Your holiday with accommodation in apartments and spend free time in the beautiful countryside near dam lake Lipno.

District-Český Krumlov UNESCO. Region-n.p. Šumava - dam Lipno. The city-Vyšší BrodThe village-Loučovice.

The monastery Vyšší Brod

State castel Rozemberg

Bad Leonfelden Sternstein welcome



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The sing-posted cycle paths

The cycle paths lead you through the main tourists resorts in the Lipno region, where you can find a range of services and facilities to help you make the most of your sporting holiday, and at the same time provide easy access to all natural and cultural landmarks of this wonderful area. The quite new cycle-pahth leads from Lipno to Frymburk. This path has lithing.The landscape in the surroundings of Lipno is a true paradise for cyclists. The cycle - paths around of St.Thomas, Kyselov, Zvonkova and Nova Pec are charming. Maps

The castels, chateaus, ruins and churchs

Begin at Loucovice. The Chaple of St.Prokop from 1310 is situated on the left of bank the river Vltava. The Church of St, Oldrich originates from 15 th century is found opossite second of bank near the football ground.The other churchs are: at Frymburk (13 km ) the Church of St.Bartolomej ( before 1270 ), at Prední Vzton ( 9 km ) the Church of St.Filip and Jakub ( 1386 ) and at St. Thomas ( 20 km ) the Church of God´s of body ( 1348 ). The Cistercian Abbey ( 1259 ) towers above at Vyssí Brod ( 6 km ). You can visit two Church of St. Bartolomej and of St. Josef.

You find a number of castles and chateaus in suroundings. The first is the ruine of Vitkuv Hradek near village St. Thomas. Its outlook was repaired in 2005.Next the castle is Rozmberk (15 km), where you can see The White lady The ancient town Cesky Krumlov ( 38 km ) has very large castle, it is the second largest castle in Europe. Next the Churches St. Jost and St. Vit, Chaples St Martin and Chaple on the Krizova Hill Visit The closter of Minorit.


You can see history our country in different museums. Museum of Post is in the Cistercian Abbey in Vyšší Brod.You will see historic postal wagons, unirorms, stamps etc.Other important museum is the native house of writer of Adalbert Stiftr at Horní Planá ( 30 km ). Cesky Krumlov is paradise of museums. There are the Regional Museum, Vax Museum, Museum of Torture at the square.The Schwarzenberský canal for sailing of woods you can see at Chvalsiny, native place of Josef Rosenauer that this canal made.You will see the Schwarzenberg canal at Jeleni Vrchy where are a lot of interests.

Natural Reservations

Behind our apartment is hill-side of hill the Luc, whith the Devil´s Wall are National Natural Reservation. The Bear Hill and Natural Reservation Peat-bog Kapličky are on of the opossite bank of the river Vltava. There are the Multerberg Peat-bog, St. Thomas, Jasanky, Peat-bog Borkova, Forest Kyselov... You will find Lake Plesne under hill Plechy near village Nova Pec. Trojmezna and Tristolicnik are next.

Sport area Lipno Lake.

Lake Lipno is the dominating feature our country from spring to autumn. You can visit a beautiful sand- grass beach near Lipno Marina or area summer sports at Přední Výtoň.There is the bowling bar too. You can borrow boats, yachts,surfboards etc. The Slide Track is open all year at Lipno nad Vltavou.

Ski resort-Lipno Sternstein Hochficht.

In Winter you can go skating, snowkitting or cross- country skiing. Ski Area Lipno Kramolin - 8 ski slopes,snowpark and playgfound. Cableway and ski lifts with a capacity of 5 305 people per hour . Night skiing daily. Luxurious, large car park free of charge.Kilometers of cross-country trails.Efficient technical snowing up. Ski school, rentaqls, services, mountain rescuers, refreshment. Skipass combined with admission to aquapark.. Super skipass Sumava - connection of largest resorst in the Sumava mountains. You can go skiing to Austria - Sternstein ( 17 km ). It is near km over Studanky. There are 2 ski slopes about 4 km long, 1 cablewayand 1 ski lift. A largest area is Hochficht ( 52 km ).


Southern Bohemia


The beauty of South Bohemia, a landscape cultivated for centuries by a people in harmony with their land, surprises every visitor. Everyone who comes to earnestly learn something about the area's historical monuments is rewarded with an understanding of how enlightened and wealthy were the noble families who lived here, not to mention the exceptional artists and artisans. Their legacy was such that they left succeeding generations with a countless number of cultural historical monuments as a testament to their rich and multi-faceted history – historical towns full of life and culture, majestic Gothic churches, dreamlike Renaissance castles, monasteries, monuments to folk architecture, intriguing technical structures, and a wealth of perplexing aquaculture systems.

The absence of large industry in South Bohemia gives the landscape a particularly valuable character, attested to by the large number of registered protected landscapes. South Bohemia is a landscape of endless lakes, ponds, pine forests, and vast peat bogs, enlivened by the silhouettes of towns and village churches that gently blend in with the humble white-washed farm estates. Such is the picture of a typical South Bohemian landscape around České Budějovice, Třeboň, or Veselí nad Lužnicí. South Bohemia is also the land of the imposing mountainous landscape of the ancient Šumava and Novohradský (Nové Hrady) Mountain ranges and Blanský Forest. There is also endless beauty to be found in the land southeast of Jindřichův Hradec – the nearly untouched nature, abundant outcroppings of granite, high knobs, and large ponds rightly give this area the title „Czech Canada“.

In the north, the region is bordered by the picturesque Písek area in the valley of the Vltava and Otava Rivers, and Tábor, mostly known for its historical association with the Hussites. The present-day borders of South Bohemia with Austria and Germany now divide a landscape that was historically joined together by a single aristocratic family and singular aspirations of power. The area's geographic position pre-ordained its cultural richness – the cultural influence brought in by the hardened Germanic and Anglo-Saxon tribes of the north oftentimes clashed with the refined art of the masters of the Italian Renaissance. The townships today are far from being sterile museums, however – on the contrary, they pulse with the tempo of everyday life and a culture that can be experienced only here.

Stop by, stay awhile, and come again…

Your summer in Upper Austria

Go on a discovery tour between the Danube and the Moldova

Enjoy the sun
Summer vacation

Your holiday region in Upper Austria will enchant you with a very special atmosphere. Located north of the capital Linz you will find wonderful markets and valleys in Mühlviertler Kernland as well as fascinating landscapes for hiking and cycling and many cultural highlights. Welcoming.Traditional.Warm. – your summer holiday in Mühlviertler Kernland.

Varied and beautiful – Mühlviertler Kernland is considered to be one of the most popular holiday destinations in Upper Austria. Spend a very special holiday in the countryside.

Your varied holiday in Upper Austria

Gothic, Renaissance or Baroque. In the diversified region you will find all sorts of art and architecture styles with different buildings and churches. Take a city trip to Freistadt, where you can experience the medieval brewing and cultural town or the nostalgic horse railway: diversification is guaranteed for you and your family. 

Enjoy the natural environment in Mühlviertler Kernland

Landscape paradise Mühlviertel
On the way in Nature

Various family-friendly themed hiking paths offer a lot of interesting facts. You should also not miss out on the many cycling paths and the Mühlviertler museum and Gothic street. If you like golfing, you should come to St. Oswald. The Natura 2000 Reserve is also located in Mühlviertler Kernland and is the habitat of rare animals and plants.

A wide range of summer activities and the wonderful natural environment is waiting for you during a summer holiday in Upper Austria. We gladly help you to find an accommodation. Just send us your no obligation holiday enquiry.

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