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Now you have seen on the website of the family apartment, which is located in Brod. Higher Brod celebrated in 2009 750 years since the founding of the Cistercian monastery.

And the monastery is the main tourist attraction of our city - the main, but not the only one. For example, in the famous monastery grounds include Postal Museum, which traces the history of post offices not only in the Czech lands.

Historical monuments are spread throughout the city and its surroundings. Below the monastery complex you can admire repaired and the rededication of the church of St. Joseph. On the square will look to pillory from 1597, standing over him historical building of a former town hall, which now serves as an information center and behind it you will find a fountain. In the upper part of the Square there is still the parish church of St. Bartholomew. A list of sites closed forest pilgrimage church of Maria Rast am Stein, whose German name is also experienced by the local population.

Higher Brod is a city of all four seasons. Spring and fall directly encourages expeditions for pouznáním to nearby and surrounding areas. Awaiting you untouched nature, natural monuments and reserves, nature trails, museums and castles ... From spring through summer to autumn dominated tusrictickým interests to go down the river Vltava. Mother of our rivers annually visited by tens of thousands of boaters. In the city there are several companies that will provide you with a complete pronajmutní right equipment and you indulge in an unforgettable journey trough the most beautiful rivers in our country. In winter, our city an ideal point from where you can go to several ski resorts in the Czech Republic and neighboring Austria.

Whether you decide to spend in Brod any part of the year, we believe that in our apartment you can find the right comfort and convenience for all your activities.

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