Wandering along the Vltava River

Annually visited by thousands of tourists Higher Brod, who then wander along the Vltava River. Under buffer tank Lipno II starts sailing the lower reaches of the mothers of our rivers. Trips are organized day when you can sail without effort necessary to castle Rožmberk, or a little farther. When multi-day cruises can sail through Český Krumlov whose Zlatá Koruna. It works in a number of boat rentals and equipment for paddlers, ensuring transportation as well. After agreement we can use these services to ensure our guests.

Dam Lipno

The dominant feature of our region, however, remains dam lake Lipno. Besides water management purposes, the lake is primarily a tourist attraction. Outside classic swimming offers many water sports such as windsurfing, sailing, boating on Lake ... electric boats fulfills its recreational function, even in winter. When the ice is strong enough blankets to keep skating trails several dozen kiometrů long (Lipno nad Vltavou - Frymburk and near Horni Plana are the best known). Frozen surface but provides space for skiers and lovers of youth sports such Snowkittingu.


Our region can thus be called a ski family. Just less than ten kilometers from our apartment are located two ski resorts. The first modern family park Lipno, which is among the most advanced in their class and complexity. In him missing snow park for snowboarders or Fox Park for beginning the youngest skiers. The second area is the Austrian Sternstein with two runs and welcoming altitude. It is widely used by other Austrian resort Hochficht, where he also runs FIS European Cup races. Available are the Alps, for example, resort Hinterstoder.

Historical monuments, castles, ruins ...

Cistercian monastery organizes guided tours, concerts and Masses for the public. Another attraction is the old Town Hall Square. The ground floor is set up information center for tourists in the first floor there are various exhibitions. We also recommend a trip to the pilgrimage church of Maria Rast am Stein, which leads Calvary with 14 stops. We have already mentioned the castle Rosenberg, who is from our city just a few kilometers away. On it you will experience an unforgettable experience during the tour, which takes you to the top of the tower, where a beautiful view, and maybe you can meet even the White Lady. In the opposite direction, we must not forget the highest ruin in Bohemia. Little Castle also offers panoramas, this time to the region around the dam Lipno and if you will be good weather, you will see a panorama of the Alps. From our apartment you can also go on day trips to Český Krumlov, where in addition to the castle, the castle, the castle garden with a turntable can also find many museums (Photographic Studio Seidl, VAX museum, history museum, museum of torture ...) and galleries (Egon Schiele Center , house of Photography ...). Unavailable is not deep with its famous castle. Not only near Vyšší Brod find many restored churches, chapels, wayside or cross paths.

Nature monuments and reservations

Another pride of our region's nature. Higher Brod, near the Natural Park Vyšebrodsko where you will find three protected areas - Uhlířský Hill, Bear Mountain and moorland Kapličky. Of the latter monument is a wonderful view of the village Loučovice third appointed attracts primarily on the lake and also for its history, lies on a territory lost village chapel, which gave way to the so-called frontier rampage in Gaza in the late 50s of the last century. A further await you Šumava Protected Landscape Area, where you can visit the natural monument to burnt, St. Thomas, Jasánkách, Bell and many others. From Nova Pec then spreads Sumava National Park. We must not forget Blanský forest at Cesky Krumlov. Here are the main attraction of the mountain peak Kleť of the same name, the newly renovated tower.

Klášter Vyšší Brod
Kostel sv. Josefa
Maria Rast am Stein
Na Opatské stezce
Hraniční kámen na Jasánkách
Vítkův hrádek
Rakouská zátoka
Rozhledna Kleť
Kostel na Zvonkové
Skiareál Lipno
Aqua World Lipno
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